Monday, March 29, 2010

my beloved familyss...

haiii... this is my beloved person.. my father name yusri bin darus. he was soldier or amy at 4Briget kuantan.he for me very cool and very responsible person. he always told me to be stromg person becouse i am very sensetive person. my dad not agry when we have a mistakes. he not teach we with force but ge will persuate me to do something he want i to be.
sarimah bt saad is my mom,she is very hot temper than my dad.. but either my mom or my dad i will listen my dad told than my mom becouse my mom not so strait when she give punishment. my mom like to cook and all thing that she cook all people will love it.for me my mom so prety becouse she like to manage his style. she was modern mom and very cool sexy mom in the world.
im was the older son from third sibling. im also girl in family becouse my others sibling is boy. i like to go shopping and read the novels,if i have the time and the importand money.i dont like to go everywhere if i dont know what is the purpose. im also dont like to go camping. i dont like do something that i dont like it. i very dislike person who give me presure in whatever situation.
Akmal is my second younger brother. he was 12 years old. he school at S.M. Kem teredak 1. he was a big person but he cute..i always fighting with him becouse i and he always misunderstanding. what i was seen he does like to go for spot.. he like to stay at home and plays games.
syamir is my last younger brother..he 7 years old.. he small person if people look it him they will said my younger brother not enough protein.. but he eat so much,however he still like that not big.. he like spot..and active person but sensetive person..
that all about my family.. cheerful familyy....huhuhu

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